My name is Adeline.
18 in Brisbane.
This blog helps me keep hold of my sanity...Sometimes.
One day i hope to live on the coast of Australia and work as a nurse in ICU or emergency. and i will own a german shepherd. and i will stop treating this as a dating site.



Seriously, if you’re against breastfeeding in public, you best be pitching a fit over lingerie ads, bikini ads and Mardi Gras, too.  

Otherwise, you’re full of shit and you’re just mad at the possibility that DFAB people will “display their tits” with no intention to appease the straight male sexual appetite.

"But… boob… for baby? Not for me? Unpossible! Boob is for boner-making! Put boob away if not for my boner to have!"

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Your legs are a melody my hands
Would like to play
And your hips are a note
That does take me away

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The Strokes:

Is This It (2001)

Room On Fire (2003)

First Impressions Of Earth (2006)

Angles (2011)

Comedown Machine (2013)

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  • Morrissey: Please don’t have me say anything unpleasant about Coldplay and Radiohead. There’s no point to it, it just looks silly and mean. They’re perfectly good bands, they’re just not to my taste.
  • Interviewer: You called them Oldplay and Radiodead.